Raider Canopy Cobra

The Raider Cobra mid-rise cap provides 20% more space than a cab-high cap, and has a recessed f..


Raider Canopy Cobra Elite

The NEW Cobra Elite mid-rise has custom-fit styling with 1/3 side sliding windows with screens for g..


Raider Canopy Cobra Xtreme

The NEW Cobra Xtreme mid-rise offers 20% more interior space and features SUV styled side windows wi..


Raider Canopy Commercial Cobra CC

This RAIDER commercial mid-rise cap is reinforced for commercial roof racks, offers optional fibergl..


Raider Canopy Commercial RCC

Rugged Raider commercial aluminum caps are offered with a broad selection of door, window, storage c..


Raider Canopy Commercial Vagabond CC

This sleek, good looking RAIDER cab-high cap provides a secure workshop while maintaining the automo..


Raider Canopy Sierra

The Raider Sierra is a high-rise fiberglass cap that encloses, secures and protects a truly spa..


Raider Canopy Vagabond

The Raider Vagabond is today's value leader for truck caps. Our most popular cab-high truck cap..


Raider Canopy Vagabond Elite

Raider Vagabond Elite The Vagabond Elite offers excellent ventilation with its standard 1/3 sid..


Raider Canopy, Phantom

The Phantom is Raider's premium cap model with SUV inspired styling. This cab-high model featur..


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