Cloyes 9-4191SA Engine Balance Shaft Kit

Engine Balance Shaft Kit; Incl. PN[S803/9-4191/9-5297/S642/9-5298]; Crankshaft Sprocket/Balance Shaf..


Cloyes 9-5496 Torque To Yield Bolt

Torque To Yield Bolt;..


Cloyes 9-5516 Oil Pump Chain Tensioner

Oil Pump Chain Tensioner; OE# PN[1S7Z6K254CA];..


Cloyes 9-5517 Oil Pump Chain Guide

Oil Pump Chain Guide; OE PN[1S7Z6M256CA];..


Cloyes C706F Oil Pump Chain

Oil Pump Chain; 8 mm X 4x3 X 54 Fine Finish Links; 54 Link; Inverted Rollers; 0 Timing Marks; OE PN[..


Cloyes S893 Engine Oil Pump Sprocket

Oil Pump Sprocket; 24 Teeth; OE PN[1S7Z6652AA];..


Cloyes S923 Engine Oil Pump Sprocket

Oil Pump Sprocket; 20 Teeth;..


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