Cometic Gasket PRO1004T Top End Gasket Kit..

GM Gen I Small Block V8 1987-92 350ci w/TPI; 1989-93 350ci w/TBI 4.100in. Top End Gasket Kit.Applica..


Cometic Gasket PRO1007T Top End Gasket Kit..

GM Gen III LS Series Small Block V8 4.100in. Top End Gasket Kit; Car Intake.Application Summary:2001..


Cometic Gasket PRO1008T Top End Gasket Kit..

GM Gen III LS Series Small Block V8 4.100 Top End Kit; Truck Intake.Application Summary:1999 Chevrol..


Cometic Gasket PRO1023T Top End Gasket Kit..

Chrysler/Dodge 2005-Present 6.1L Hemi V8 4.125in. Top End Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2005-2010 C..


Cometic Gasket PRO1036T Top End Gasket Kit..

GM LS V8 6.0/6.2L 07-10 Truck/Van/SUV 4.100" Top End Gasket KitApplication Summary:2007-2008 Chevrol..


Cometic Gasket PRO2000T Top End Gasket Kit..

Honda/Acura 1992-95 SOHC D16Z6 76mm Bore Top End Kit.Application Summary:1992-1995 Honda Civic; 1993..


Cometic Gasket PRO2002T Top End Gasket Kit..

Honda/Acura 1994-01 DOHC B16A2/A3 B18C5 82mm Bore Top End Kit.Application Summary:1997-2001 Acura In..


Cometic Gasket PRO2020T Top End Gasket Kit..

Toyota 1986-92 7M-GTE 2954cc 3.0L 24v Inline 6 84mm Top End Gasket Kit.Application Summary:1989-1992..


Cometic Gasket PRO2023C Engine Gasket Kit,..

Subaru 2004-05 EJ205 DOHC Turbo 93mm Complete Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2005 Saab 9-2X; 2004 Su..


Cometic Gasket PRO2024C Engine Gasket Kit,..

Subaru 2004-06 EJ257 DOHC Turbo Sti 101mm Coimplete Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2004-2005 Subaru ..


Cometic Gasket PRO2044C Engine Gasket Kit,..

Subaru 2002-03 WRX EJ20 93MM Complete Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2002 Subaru Impreza..


Cometic Gasket PRO2048C Engine Gasket Kit,..

Subaru 2008-10 STi EJ257 DOHC 101MM Complete Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2008-2009 Subaru Impreza..


Cometic Gasket PRO3001T Top End Gasket Set..

5.9L Cummins 12V (non-intercooled) 4.188in. Top End Gasket Kit.Application Summary:1992-1993 Dodge D..


Cometic Gasket PRO3004T Top End Gasket Set..

6.7L Cummins 4.312in. Top End Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2007-2010 Dodge Ram 2500; 2007-2010 Dod..


Cometic Gasket PRO3005T Top End Gasket Kit..

Ford 2003-06 6.0L Powerstroke V8 w/18mm Dowels; 96mm Top End Gasket Kit.Application Summary:2004-200..


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